Get a package that lives up to your product.
A great package makes a great product shine. Our design and production teams make innovative packages for all kinds of products, using the most advanced materials and technologies. They know how to work with your established brand, or help you create an entirely new one.
Various Hardware

We make packaging for every kind of product.

If you’ve got a product, CaroCon can make a great package for it. We are masters of the materials and technologies that go into making packaging that is innovative and eye-catching. Here are just a few of the product categories we have created packaging for:

Pet Products
Food & Beverage
Healthcare Products
Auto Accessories


We create appealing, ingenious packaging for some of the world’s most respected electronics brands. Our clamshell, blister and skin packaging presents your product in an eye-catching way, while at the same time providing tamper-proofing. In addition, our secure facilities ensure your products are always safe and accounted for.


Great packaging is like great apparel: it serves a practical purpose while at the same time looking fantastic. We create every kind of apparel packaging, from eye-catching, retail-ready PDQ trays to dazzling countertop gift boxes. The fashions you choose express who you are; our packaging does the same for your products.

Food Products

No industry has higher packaging standards than the food business. We exceed compliance with all regulations; our facilities are annually inspected by the American Institute of Baking (AIB) and our fulfillment centers are FDA registered. The packaging we produce for the food industry is as innovative and appealing as anything we do.

We can make a great package for you. Contact us today.

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