CaroCon Display & Packaging

A shopper strolls the aisles of a retail store. At a certain point, she pauses. Her attention has been captured by a display that cannot be ignored. She picks up a package and considers a purchase.

Everything CaroCon Display & Packaging does is focused on the moment described above. Nothing is more important to our customers than presenting their products and maximizing their sales. We make it happen.

However, competitive pressures in the retail marketplace have placed an ever-higher premium on speed to market. The pressing need to get product to the retail floor can sometimes make it appear that shortcuts on quality are necessary to meet deadlines.

That’s where our end-to-end display and packaging services make the crucial difference to our customers. Because we have expertise and capabilities in every stage of the retail supply chain—and can control the whole process seamlessly for our customers—we offer maximum velocity without sacrificing quality.

CaroCon Display & Packaging currently operates six facilities, each specializing in one or more of our many services. We serve customers from across the globe, giving them the attention and care their products deserve, while always seeking to move faster and more efficiently.

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